In my 18 years at animal clinics, it broke my heart to see the stress that boarding puts on pets. So I started Four Paws.


My name is Robin and my life has been dedicated to happy and healthy animals. As a veterinary technician, I saw and treated so many boarded animals that were exposed to the stress, loneliness and sickness of kennels. I believed in a better way and independently started Four Paws in-home pet sitting in 2006.


Combining my love for animals and understanding of both physical and mental pet needs through veterinary education and experience, I've helped hundreds of animals and their owners have a happier, healthier, more peaceful transition during time away.


Growing up with four dogs, I was never without a pet. I've personally adopted four rescues, including a former client who was no longer able to care for their pet. I live in Dubuque, IA with my dog and 2 cats. I hold a degree as a licensed veterinary technician and previously worked in veterinary clinics in Dubuque, IA, Rockford, IL, Hartford, CT and Quincy, IL. My company, Four Paws Pet Sitting is insured and has consistently maintained an A+ accreditation by the Better Business Bureau.


Thank you for considering a healthier alternative to boarding. I look forward to meeting with you and your pet!

Please don't hesitate to contact me directly with any questions.



"She completely understands what each animal needs... We never worry."

–Kathy R.