You don't have to use a kennel.

For about the same cost, in-home pet sitting is a much healthier alternative.

Welcome to Four Paws.

Many pet owners are faced with a tough decision when they can't be home with their pets. For some, the only option is to leave their pet with a kennel.


Unfortunately even the best kennels expose your pet to unfamiliar surroundings, uncertainty of other animals and potential for sickness and disease.


Hi, I'm Robin.


Working as a veternary tehnician in clinics for 18 years, I saw many problems with animals that were kenneled. 


Since starting Four Paws in 2006, I've enjoyed providing a healthier alternative to boarding: in-home pet sitting where pets feel safe, secure and most comfortable.


Not only do I see happier pets, many people appreciate setting their own schedule rather than working around a kennel's operating hours.

I like to meet with you and your pet before your time away so future visits with your pet go smoothly. Whether you're taking an extended trip, overnight or just away for the day, I will visit your pet as many times a day as you'd like to provide a break, entertainment and excercise. I'm also happy to provide reassuring updates while you're away.


I serve the Dubuque, Iowa and surrounding area.


Please call 563-213-0206 or email me for more information.


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